Why Say Hello to the…World?

I’ll eventually get to writing some actual blog-content. But first, allow me to warm up with a bit of a ramble. Wordpress makes it way too easy to throw out those first words (in fact, you don’t even have to write them. They do it for you!). “Hello World!”. Good to get things going I suppose, but a tad gratuitous at the end of the day. So, let me go for something a bit more substantial this time around. Something that tries to justify its own existence…kind of.

I’ll make a start at telling you why I’m saying “Hello”. Or, why I’m going to go ahead and start this blog, despite some of the reservations that I’ve felt up to this point.

Here’s the basic problem, you see. I’ve always felt that too many people are talking, and not enough are listening. There are so many ‘Greats’ out there. Why, oh why, would I spend time speaking, when I can listen to them?! Why would I spend time writing, when I can read what they have written? Time is short. This is already a very difficult reality for me. Why would I squander further amounts of time by trying to push out my laborious thoughts in clumsy, awkward sentences for a non-existent audience? And even if the audience did exist, I would quickly point them elsewhere as a better stewardship of their own allocated reading-time.

Yet, here I am, writing. So what gives?

Stay tuned…


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