A Tolerated What Now?

“Tolerated Sojourner”. Granted, it’s a bit of a weird title the first time you read it. Tolerated? Really? Why would any sojourner mention that he was only tolerated? Moreover, why would he/she glory in this fact (and even make mention of it in a blog-title)?

Well, put as simply as possible, I’ve given the blog this title because the expression (and the theology behind it) will have a major effect on every single post that I write, no matter what I write about.

The reason for this is that these two words are absolutely packed with rich and profound biblical-theological meaning. In fact, I first came across the phrase in the writings of Meredith Kline (a man whom I would, without hesitation, deem ‘the king of biblical theology’). Now, the reality is that Kline has many important summary expressions, all of which pack the power of a theological atom-bomb. In my opinion, however, the expression “tolerated sojourner” is among the most powerful (and personally meaningful) of these.

In the following posts, I’ll tell you why I feel this way.





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