The Story of Scripture

Last week I attended the A29 conference in Australia. It was a great privilege to serve as one of the speakers for this. But also, it was a super refreshing time for me personally; both to sit under such passionate gospel preaching, and to spend the week hanging out with my fellow A29 planters.

On the flipside of all this conference blessedness however, the blog has taken a backseat for the last two weeks (nope, I’m not quite at the level of blogging fluency that would allow me to write and travel at the same time). But now that I’m back at my desk, it is time to remedy the situation. I’ll start things off properly in the week to come. Until then, for your convenience, here’s the summary of the series that I’ve just finished:

The Story of Scripture

Part 1  – Creation and Probation

Part 2 – High Treason

Part 3 – Bad News and Good News

Part 4 – Light Shines Amidst the Darkness

Part 5 – From Humanity to a Specific Seed

Part 6 – Closer to Christ With Each Covenant

Part 7 – The Covenant at Sinai

Part 8 – God Saves

Part 9 – Saviour, Judge and King

Part 10 – A New Covenant for Sinners

Part 11 – Broken Silence

Part 12 – The Lion and the Lamb

Part 13 – The Crucifixion and Resurrection

Part 14 – Now We Work and Wait

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