Two-Age Sojourner is hosted by Michael Beck, the pastor of Gracenet Community Church, Wellington, New Zealand. Mike has his PhD from the South African Theological Seminary (his dissertation was on Meridith Kline and the Reformed Two Kingdom doctrine). Each week (well, most weeks), Mike is joined on his pilgrimage by three co-hosts. André Beck (yes, he’s Mike’s brother), is pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church in Felixstowe, UK. Nick Clevely is pastor of Covenant Grace Baptist Church in Timaru, New Zealand.

And yes again, we are all from South Africa.

Discussions on the podcast are typically informal and lighthearted. But they’re also long, technical and nerdy. Even so, our hope is to sustain regular, lively and open theological discussion from a distinctly Klinean, Two-Kingdom and Baptist perspective. In that regard, we truly hope that at least some of it helps you. If so, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!